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Friday, December 14, 2018

LIVE: Theresa May National Statement from the European Council Summit in Brussels

Prime Minister of the UK, Theresa May, presents the National Statement to conclude the European Council Summit in Brussels, Belgium on Friday, December 14.

UNCTAD yahimiza biashara mtandaoni Afrika

UNCTAD yahimiza biashara mtandaoni Afrika
Afrika haitofikia malengo ya maendeleo endelevu ya Umoja wa Mataifa, SDGs iwapo haitokumbatia fursa ya kuwekeza katika biashara ya mtandaoni.

Hayo yamesemwa na Katibu Mkuu Mtendaji wa Kamati ya Umoja wa Mataifa ya Biashara na Maendeleo, UNCTAD Dkt. Mukhisa Kituyi wakati wiki ya mkutano wa biashara mtandaoni (eCommerce) barani Afrika ikimalizika leo Ijumaa jijini Nairobi Kenya.

Akizungumza pembizoni mwa mwa mkutano huo, Dkt. Kituyi amesema, mkutano huo umeonesha wazi kuwa kuna watu wengi barani Afrika ambao wana ujuzi, nia na jitihada za kusukuma mbele Malengo Endelevu ya Maendeleo, SDGs kwa kutumia biashara mtandaoni ili kufanikisha ajenda ya 2030 ya maendeleo endelevu.

Rais Kenyatta akihutubu katika mkutano wa biasahra mtandano barani Afrika, Nairobi 11/12/2018

Amesema washiriki wa mkutano wa Nairobi wamekubaliana kuhusu mbinu za kuhimiza watu wa Afrika kutumia fursa za biashara mtandanoni kukuza uchumi, kupunguza umaskini, kubuni ajira na kuendeleza mapato ya Afrika na kupanua wigo wa masoko ya biashara mtandaoni.”

Mkutano huo wa biashara mtandaoni ni wa kwanza kabisa kuhusiana na bara la Afrika, kwa lengo la kutoa taarifa na kuliweka bara hilo katika mazingira ambayo linaweza kufaidika na biashara za mtandaoni. Akifungua mkutnao huo Jumanne wiki hii Rais wa Kenya, Uhuru Kenyatta, alisema ili Afrika iweze kupata faida za biashara mtandaoni...“Sera zinapaswa kuwa zinaweka mazingira rafiki na hivyo ni muhimu kwa sekta hii kupewa umuhimu unaohitajika.

Chanzo: parstoday.com

Between Saudi Arabia, US and China, lone struggle for Canada’s foreign policy

The Associated Press, Toronto Friday, 14 December 2018 

First US President Donald Trump attacked Canada on trade. Then Saudi Arabia punished it for its interference in the internal affairs. Now China has the country in its cross-hairs, detaining two Canadians in apparent retaliation for the arrest of a top Chinese tech executive on behalf of the United States.

Prime minister of Canada Justin Trudeau arrives for a gathering in Montreal, on December 7, 2018. (AFP)

Canada is caught between two super powers and taking the punishment - and its ally to the south has been conspicuously absent in coming to its aid.

“We’ve never been this alone,” historian Robert Bothwell said. “We don’t have any serious allies. And I think that’s another factor in what the Chinese are doing. ... Our means of retaliation are very few. China is a hostile power.”

The two Canadians, Michael Kovrig, a former diplomat in China, and Michael Spavor, an entrepreneur who lived in northeastern China near the North Korean border, were taken into custody Monday on suspicion of “engaging in activities that endanger the national security” of China, Chinese foreign ministry spokesman Lu Kang said. Canadian consular officials have had no access to them.

Their detentions ratchet up pressure on Canada, which arrested Meng Wanzhou, the chief financial officer of telecommunications giant Huawei, on Dec. 1 at the request of the United States. The US wants her extradited to face charges that she and her company misled banks about the company’s business dealings in Iran. A Canadian judge released Meng on bail Tuesday.

The case has set off a diplomatic furor among the three nations in which Canada has been stuck in the middle.

Until now, Canada had a largely good relationship with China, forged by Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau’s father, late Prime Minister Pierre Trudeau, who helped establish the one-China formula that enabled many other countries to recognize China in the 1970s. Canada acknowledged there is one government of China and does not officially recognize Taiwan.

China has since become Canada’s second-largest trading partner, after the United States. Chinese investment has powered real estate booms in Vancouver and Toronto. And one-third of foreign students in Canada are Chinese.

Canada flag flying in front of Toronto city hall building. (Shutterstock)

Free trade agreement

Justin Trudeau has even talked about a possible free-trade agreement with China in a bid to diversify Canada’s trade, which relies on the US for 75 percent of its exports. But the Canadian prime minister has said little since news of this week’s arrests became public. Opposition Conservative leader Andrew Scheer said Trudeau isn’t being forceful enough with the Chinese.

“This situation demonstrates that Justin Trudeau’s naive approach to relations with China isn’t working,” Scheer said.

It’s Canada’s second dispute with a major power this year. In June, Trump vowed to make Canada pay after Trudeau said he wouldn’t be pushed around in talks to hammer out a new North American trade agreement, an unprecedented attack on America’s closest ally. Trump called Trudeau weak and dishonest, words that shocked Canadians.

Then Trump said this week that he might intervene in the Huawei case if it would help clinch a trade agreement with China, upending US efforts to separate the court proceeding from US-China trade talks and contradicting Canadian officials who said the arrest was not political.

Canadian Foreign Minister Chrystia Freeland took a swipe at Trump, saying it was “quite obvious” any foreign country requesting extradition should ensure “the process is not politicized.”

“Normally, Canada can count on the United States to back them up on such an issue,” said Laura Dawson, a former economic adviser at the U.S. Embassy in Ottawa and director of the Canada Institute at the Wilson Center think tank in Washington. Dawson said it’s unusual for Washington to “leave Canada hanging high and dry.”

“President Trump has made it clear that old alliances don’t matter so much anymore,” she said. “He has made no secret of his preference for a go-it-alone approach and his lack of regard for traditional alliances.” In years past the US might have defended Canada when came it under attack and other countries would know the US had Canada’s back. Not now.

President Trump and IMF Director Christine Lagarde at the G7 summit at La Malbaie in Quebec, Canada. (Reuters)

Saudi activist

In August, the Saudi government expelled Canada’s ambassador to the kingdom and withdrew its own ambassador after Canada’s foreign ministry tweeted support for an arrested Saudi activist. The Saudis also sold Canadian investments and ordered their citizens studying in Canada to leave. No country, including the US, spoke out publicly in support of Canada.

Thursday, December 13, 2018


Na Haji Mtumwa, Mwananchi/hmtumwa@mwananchi.co.tz

Unguja. Kamati maalumu ya Halmashauri Kuu ya CCM Zanzibar imeunga mkono hatua ya Serikali ya Mapinduzi (SMZ) kusaini mkataba na kampuni ya mafuta ya Ras Gas ya nchini Ras Al Khaimah kuhusu mgawanyo wa uzalishaji wa mafuta na gesi asilia.

Rais Dk Ali Mohamed Shein

SMZ na Ras Gas kutoka taifa hilo mwanachama wa Falme za Kiarabu (UAE) zilitiliana saini mkataba huo mwezi Oktoba. Kampuni iliyopewa zabuni hiyo awali, ilishindwa kuendelea na kazi baada ya Zanzibar kutaka suala la nishati hiyo lisiwe la Muungano.

Jana, naibu katibu mkuu wa CCM Zanzibar, Dk Abdullah Juma Saadalla ‘Mabodi’ alisema kikao cha kamati hiyo kilichofanyika Unguja juzi, kimeunga mkono hatua hiyo.

Alisema SMZ imefuata taratibu zote za kisheria katika kusaini makubaliano hayo.

“Maamuzi ya kusaini mkataba huo yamefanyika kwa kuzingatia taratibu za kisheria kwa pande zote za Muungano, kwa kuwa kisheria Zanzibar ina mamlaka ya kuchimba na kusimamia mafuta na gesi,” alisema.

Mabodi alisema kusainiwa mkataba huo ni hatua kubwa ya maendeleo iliyofanywa na Rais Dk Ali Mohamed Shein kwa kushirikiana na viongozi wengine, ambao ni pamoja na Rais Jakaya Kikwete na Rais Dk Jonh Magufuli.

“Wananchi waache kusikiliza taarifa potofu za wasioitakia mema Zanzibar kukua kiuchumi, wananchi waisikilize Serikali yao juu ya mchakato wa utafiti na uchimbaji wa mafuta na gesi,” alisema.

Zitto Kabwe afunguka kuhusu kesi yake ya uchochezi

UN: Waiting for Yemen delegates to respond on draft agreements

Staff writer, Al Arabiya EnglishThursday, 13 December 2018 

Following the ongoing Yemeni peace talks - brokered by the United Nations which are held in Rimbo, Sweden - the UN spokeswoman told reporters late on Wednesday that the parties to the Yemeni conflict, who held indirect negotiations, received 4 draft agreements, and are expected to put forward their respond by Thursday evening.

Yemen government delegation member, Abdulaziz Jabari, with Houthi delegation member Salim al-Moughaless during talks in Sweden. (AFP)

Latest reports reaching here said outcome of the peace talks will be presented to the UN Security Council on Friday. According to the spokeswoman, the drafts focus on a political framework, reopening of Sanaa airport and the status of the coastal city of Hodeidah, as well as the economic situation in the country.

As for the port of Hodeidah - which is critical to the conflict for both the parties, the legitimate government and the pro-Iranian Houthi militias - a member of the Houthis’ delegation Ghalib Mutlaq, confirmed on Wednesday, that understandings were made regarding the port and its administration, while the Yemeni Minister of Culture, Marwan Damaj, renewed the government’s adherence to the need for the Houthi militias’ withdrawal from Hodeidah.

Uncertainty still surrounds the situation at Sanaa airport with a government official saying that there were indications that the Houthis have accepted the proposal to open the airport for domestic flights, while flights would be inspected at Aden airport.

Polisi ya Kongo yafyatua risasi hai kutawanya wafuasi wa mgombea wa upinzani

Polisi wa Jamhuri ya Kidemokrasia ya Kongo jana kwa siku ya pili mfululizo walitumia gesi ya kutoa machozi na kuwafyatulia risasi hai wafuasi wa Martin Fayulu mgombea wa upande wa upinzani ili kuwatawanya na kusababisha kifo cha mtu mmoja.

Polisi ya Kongo yafyatua risasi hai kutawanya wafuasi wa mgombea wa upinzani
Kampeni za uchaguzi wa Kongo unaosubiriwa kwa hamu uliopangwa kufanyika tarehe 23 mwezi huu kwa kiasi kikubwa zimekuwa zikifanyika kwa amani na utulivu, lakini kuibuka ghasia za hapa na pale katika mkoa wa Katanga kusini mashariki mwa nchi hiyo kumezidisha wasiwasi kuhusu uwezekano wa kukaririwa machafuko kama yale yaliyoshuhudiwa katika chaguzi za mwaka 2006 na 2011 nchini humo.

Polisi katika mji wa Kalemie jana walizuia magari yaliyokuwa katika msafara wa mgombea wa upinzani Martin Fayulu uliokuwa ukielekea katika mkutano wa kampeni na kuanza kufyatua risasi angani. Mwanamke mmoja alipigwa risasi na kuaaga dunia na Rogatien Kitenge kiongozi wa taasisi ya kiraia ameathibitisha kuwa polisi wa Kongo walifyarua risasi hai na kuwanyunyizia gesi ya kutoa machozi wafuasi wa mgombea huyo wa upinzani. Amesema kwamba mwanamke mmoja alipoteza maisha.

Martin Fayulu, mmoja wa wagombea wa upinzani katika uchaguzi wa rais wa Kongo

Wednesday, December 12, 2018

Tanzania yaandika historia nyingine, yasaini mkataba wa Stigler’s Gorge

Shuhudia jinsi Tanzania ilivyoandika historia nyigine kwa kusaini mkataba wa ujenzi wa mradi mkubwa wa kuzalisha umeme wa Rufiji (Stigler’s Gorge).

Cameroon frees 52 opposition activists

The prosecution of 52 opposition activists who protested against the re-election of 85-year-old Paul Biya as Cameroon president has been abandoned, their lawyer said on Tuesday.

The activists were arrested at the end of October in Douala, the economic capital, on the sidelines of a demonstration against the election of Biya, who had won a seventh consecutive term.

They have now been released.

Biya, who has ruled the West African country for 36 years, won the October 7 election with 71% of the vote, according to disputed results.

"The justice ministry has ordered the end of the prosecution of our activists," said lawyer Emmanuel Sim, also vice-president of the Movement for the Rebirth of Cameroon (MRC), one of the main opposition parties.

LIVE: UK PM May way to ensure there is not a no-deal brexit is to agree a deal

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