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Thursday, August 9, 2012

Tanzania Breaking News: 17 Dead, 78 injured in bus accident

Seventeen people died and at least 78 passengers were injured in the bus accident which occurred on Tuesday afternoon at Kitunda village, Sikonge district in Tabora region.

Tabora Regional Police Commander, Anthony Rutta speaking to media at Kitunda village, where the bus accident occurred.

According to the information revealed to media by the Tabora Regional Police Commander, Anthony Rutta, said Sabena bus with registration No T 570 AAM which was travelling from Tabora to Mbeya overturned with more than 100 passengers.

He said among the dead people, five were children, six men and the other six were women.

“The deceased ones have been preserved at Kitete Regional hospital and until now more than six people have been identified by their relatives. The injuries had also been rushed to Kitete Hospital and other are at Sikonge Hospital.” RPC Anthony Rutta said

According to information of some eye witnesses who spoke with media said they think the number of deaths will increase as many rescued people were in seriously injured.

“Of course we have succeeded to rescue many people I don’t remember the exactly number but what I can tell you is that some of them were badly injured I don’t think if they will survive.” said one of Kitunda village residents.

The Tabora RPC said they are still conducting investigation to know the exactly cause of the accident although he admitted that the bus driver had escaped soon after the accident occurred.


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